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Madagascar vanilla flavored pebble

Madagascar vanilla flavored pebble

Madagascar Vanilla Fondant  to perfume your room,   use with a perfume burner. 

  +/- 5 hours of broadcasting.

Random color and shape.

-> 100% vegetable wax (biodegradable, GMO-free, pesticide-free, not tested on animals.

-> Perfume made in France, in Grasse

-> Colorant  MICA (natural powder)

-> 100% handmade



Usage tips

* Put the fondant on the container of your  Incense burner. Light a tealight candle in your burner, the fondant will become liquid and the perfume will diffuse in your room. Use the fondant until it doesn't smell any more.

* Attention: If your container is too small,  cut the fondant in half, otherwise the wax   will sink. If ever there is wax to drip on  a piece of furniture, just run the hot hair dryer over it and once the wax has melted, wipe  with paper towel.

* Never leave your burner on without  upervision s and no more than three consecutive hours.

* Use preferably 6 months after purchase,   in order to preserve the fragrance as much as possible, because  there is no preservative in our fondants.

* Cover the cooled fondant with a piece of paper towel to preserve the fragrance.

* To change the flavor, put the burner in the freezer for a few minutes and remove the pebble with a small spoon. For the burner

electric, heat a few minutes to take off  the fondant.

* Weight: 10 grams.

* Other use: place the fondant in a small fabric bag, and put it in a cupboard drawer to perfume the laundry.

  • Scented fondant

    Used to perfume your interior  by putting it in a burner (You will find some on the shop :)), the tealight candle will release heat and melt your fondant and perfume your room. Allow 8 hours of minimum diffusion, in a 40m2 room without any problem.

    You can also leave it in a small room (toilet for example) without a burner, this will slightly scent the interior of the room.

    Finally, it is possible to put it in your wardrobe (in a small fabric pouch for example) that will leave a slight scent on the laundry.

  • Composition / Maintenance

    Composed of soy wax, fragrance of fat and MICA dye (mineral powder)

    A use sheet is provided to you with the fondants.

    Be careful not to leave the fondant near a heat source (sun in the car for example) as this could melt the fondant without realizing it.

    If you ever have wax that has run on a piece of furniture: if it is still hot, blot with paper towels. 

    If the wax is frozen, melt it with a hair dryer (heat source) and remove the hot wax with paper towels.

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