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Car perfume diffuser

Car perfume diffuser

Car perfume diffuser

Glass bottle, wooden stopper

The scents used are the same as those of scented pebbles and candles.


**** First use :

it is necessary to unscrew the wooden cap, and to remove the small plastic cap which prevents the diffusion of the perfume  before first use.

Then screwed in again  the wooden cap, attach the diffuser in your car (mirror ..) and return  the bottle 2/3 times to soak the wooden stopper in perfume. 

You can turn the bottle from time to time, be careful not to overdo it.  do this so as not to saturate the stopper.

  • Scented fondant

    Used to perfume your interior  by putting it in a burner (You will find some on the shop :)), the tealight candle will release heat and melt your fondant and perfume your room. Allow 8 hours of minimum diffusion, in a 40m2 room without any problem.

    You can also leave it in a small room (toilet for example) without a burner, this will slightly scent the interior of the room.

    Finally, it is possible to put it in your wardrobe (in a small fabric pouch for example) that will leave a slight scent on the laundry.

  • Composition / Maintenance

    Composed of soy wax, fragrance of fat and MICA dye (mineral powder)

    A use sheet is provided to you with the fondants.

    Be careful not to leave the fondant near a heat source (sun in the car for example) as this could melt the fondant without realizing it.

    If you ever have wax that has run on a piece of furniture: if it is still hot, blot with paper towels. 

    If the wax is frozen, melt it with a hair dryer (heat source) and remove the hot wax with paper towels.

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