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Strawberry scented candle [40H]

Strawberry scented candle [40H]

Please read the entire product description carefully :)


Strawberry scented craft candle +/- 40 hours of combustion, in vegetable wax.

Hand poured candle. 



  •   100% soy wax  vegetable,  renewable because it comes from soy, biodegradable, GMO and pesticide free,  certified not tested on animals.
  • Paraffin free
  • Fragrance (perfume) made in GRASSE, non-carcinogenic.
  • Pure cotton wick.
  •   Dye  not harmful and in very small quantities.


The soy wax allows a good diffusion of the perfume (unlike the candle that you will find in the trade which are in paraffin ...) it will perfume your room (more or less according to the surface of your room).

Each wick is also waxed to  by hand (still with soy wax)

If you want to scent your room, we also offer scented pebbles to put on a scent burner.


Sold with usage sheet.


It is possible to make other perfumes, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • IMPORTANT: Manufacturing time

    All the candles are displayed in stock on the site BUT they are made as you go, which allows me to offer you a wide choice of fragrances.

    I always have a stock at my workshop (random perfumes which vary all year round) for all exhibitions & markets. If I have the candle at the workshop, you will have it within 4 working days, otherwise count a week.

    I manage to have permanently all the raw materials necessary for the realization of each perfume in stock throughout the year. If, however, I have to wait for a supplier order to create your candle, you will of course be informed if this makes it exceed the deadline of one week.

    If you need an order quickly (to offer for example) do not hesitate to send me an email or an SMS, I always try to do the best for you :)

  • Our advice on use :)

    So that your candle does not hollow in the middle, it is necessary that at the first use all the wax layer is melted, up to the edge of the container. It takes an average of one hour.

    I use large diameter, pure cotton wicks. When you put out the candle, it may cause smoke which is not very pleasant. There are candle snuffers but not everyone has them at home!

    To remedy this:  just after turning off the wick, you can take the back of a spoon (for example) and immerse the wick in the still hot wax, and then put it back straight. The wax will immediately stop this smoke effect.

    A candle can be maintained, no matter where you buy it! Remember to cut your wick regularly (off, of course) it should not measure more than 1 cm. Why ? So as not to have too big a flame (risk of fire!) And so that your candle does not burn out faster than expected! When you cut a wick, you don't leave a small piece in the wax, as it can catch fire as well.

    Never leave your candle lit unattended and no more than 3 consecutive hours

    Leave a minimum distance of 15 cm between two candles

    Do not pour water into the candle

    Do not move the candle until the melted wax has set or while it is lit.

  • Zero waste candy box

    A bit of zero waste!

    Once the candle is finished you can wash the candy box, and find another use for it (except for food use!)

    Or, you can also bring us the candy box (washed -> dishwashing product + hot water) in order to benefit from a reduction of 0.5 € on your next candle. You can bring us your containers to the store but also to the markets :)

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